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Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation (hereinafter referred to as VVCRF), is a non-profit humanitarian organization catering to the well-being of all, without barriers or boundaries.

Founded on 8th of November 2007- the hundredth birth anniversary of Gnani Purush Shri Dada Bhagwan, this organization is a fitting tribute to him who unveiled the mysteries of this holistic science. To quote in his own words,

"I have deep and compelling feeling within to share and propagate ever-lasting happiness and bliss of self-realization to humanity all over the world, especially scientists and thinkers who could use the knowledge to view and weigh all experiences in the proper perspective." To fulfil Shri Dada Bhagwan’s vision, his present successor, Shri Kanudadaji, the foremost and experienced scientist of all holisticism (Vitrag Vignan), is now bringing this knowledge to the people, at home and abroad. Under his direct and divine supervision, VVCRF has come into existence.

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