Activities at VVCRF

The Center has undertaken various projects of preparing reference books and glossary of Vitrag Vignan.

  • Lectures and seminars by scholars and distinguished individuals.

  • Short-term study programs on different topics on Vitrag Vignan.

  • Periodic discourses of Shri Kanudadaji and distinguished persons in various fields.

  • Publication of a bi-monthly bi-lingual bulletin in English and Hindi.

Under the Enlightened Direction of Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji, the Research Activities will flourish and find a rewarding universal expression.

Aptaputras, who are celibates and have devoted their life for the Global well-being, under the guidance and all-round training of Dada Bhagwan, are available in the center.

Speaking Tree Article published on 16th September 2012

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