Objectives of VVCRF

The main objective of the Center is to establish a landmark in the field of advance scientific study and research in the Holistic Science of Vitrag Vignan propounded by Shri Dada Bhagwan. To fulfil the innermost longing of Shri Dada Bhagwan, the Center will execute a plan to make this Holistic Science available to the Interested and Aspiring Scientists who can evaluate it in a proper perspective and make it widely available to the people at large.

Vitrag Vignan is an instantly rewarding Inner Holistic Science, which does not call for rituals and austerities for self realization. In this age of stress, struggle and strain where the requisite harmony of mind, speech, and body for inner progress is disrupted and drained, this Science comes to us as a saving grace to attain our goal, wherein we can live happily without renouncing or rejecting anything or performing different rituals.

It is an effortless transmission of light of the Present Age Emancipated Absolute to the aspiring souls. This is the path where the grace of Gnani, Fully Enlightened Soul, becomes self-operative in the aspiring soul. Once poised in Pure Self by the Gnani, one can live happily as an unperturbed perceiver-knower of mind- speech-body, acting normally and equitably. Whatever comes in the wake of or as a result of past deeds is accepted without involving, blaming, accusing, identifying any person or circumstances.

This results in the elimination of the accumulated, inherent atoms (Karma-Raja) and the resultant unfolding of our ’self’. The Gnani carves permanent line of demarcation between the eternal-the real and the ephemeral - the relative. The Gnani enables us to have a compelling experience of our Real Self and our Enlightened Intellect (Pragna). Keeping us balanced in all circumstances, good or bad, the Enlightened Intellect guides us vigilantly and becomes self operative. This inner process goes on until perfection is attained. Aside from spiritual gains, one will learn the techniques of solving day-to-day problems, while performing one’s duties dexterously.

Thus Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation of Holistic Science will stand as the light house to navigate the aspiring souls seeking permanent happiness and liberation, safely and smoothly across the worldly ocean.

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