Man, Dada Bhagwan says, is the guest of nature. Nothing is left lacking or wanting in the hospitality of nature that plays the role of an adequate and amazing host by providing us lodging and boarding and all facilities for happiness and development. But man has ceased being an ideal guest by violating the laws of nature, acting as a wanton child. As a result, he has to strive and suffer and face many problems. He gets imprisoned in his own physical jail.

In fact, nature is merciful. It is supplier, purifier and preserver. Think of the amount of the bill per capita for oxygen cylinders, if trees were not to decompose carbon dioxide and retain carbon for starch – making chlorophyll and release oxygen for man’s survival. Or think of the evaporation in the seas and oceans, forming clouds and showering pure water in the rain-fall. The list can be extended for nature’s continuous, all-round activity of preservation and protection. But man has been exploiting the natural resources in reckless and ruthless ways, breaking the equilibrium of nature, resulting in ‘black hole’, ‘global warming’, ‘paucity’ of human requirements and calamities. The whole ecomomy thrives on unimaginable wastage. For example : A tree is cut in stead of plucking the fruit or still better gathering the ripe fruits fallen on the ground. Our left-off food is sufficient to satisfy millions of hungry bellies. Without being prompted by ego-centric intelligence and arrogance, we ought to stay as wise, decent guests of nature.

We capriciously create dangerous disturbance and damage and then try to correct it by resorting to various measures like afforestation, recycling of plastic, paper and scraps, minimizing carbon foot-prints and gaining carbon points, herborganic food and attires, constructive utilization of atomic energy and nuclear power, eco-friendly houses and buildings, transforming of industrial waste and emission of toxic gases etc., etc.

These external measures are welcome. This vigilant consciousness will dilute the gravity of the present, prevailing situation. It will slow down the criminal, non-ethical dissipation of natural resources.

But most importantly, man is the pivot of the great global and cosmic happenings going on and nature is but the echo of his very, very subtle vibrations which get accumulated and exhibited on fructifying maturity of time. It is genetic engrams of violence and vengeance, mass hysteria of abhorrence, collective actions of atrocity through doing, approving and supporting it, rat-race of ego-propelled individuals and nations, martial moves for domination, etc. All this emits evil vibrations as a consequence whereof the punishment of nature comes in the form of natural calamities like earthquake, famine, flood, cyclone, Tsunami, epidemic etc. causing mass-massacre. There is no reciprocity, for man is wholly responsible for nature’s catastrophic rage and menace And the inner avarice of hoarding, wasting, hostility, clinging to self-glorification, dog-in-the manger attitude, non-co-operative destructive propencities, the game of suppression and subjugation result in the breakage of beatific balance of nature.

Man has been making exhaustive external efforts to bring back eco-equilibrium which, through his indiscriminate encroachment on nature today stands disturbed. Good ! This awareness is surely going to make him a welcome guest of nature. But what is needed is to ingrain in man the culture of amity and purity. His vision has to be holistic and peace-loving. His life and living has to be in tune with the universal sympathy of “Live and let live”. The inner subtle feeling spreads the invisible, effective waves all over the cosmos. They get reflected in nature.

With a view to expressing our gratitude to our host, NATURE and living gracefully in its beauty and bounty, the following prayer, with changes in words, if any, as per one’s heart’s light and liking can be said to stand out on the earth-planet platform with the resounding notes of “…… ……….” (‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’: The entire world is my family.)

Prof. G.A. Shah
Renowned Academician; Former President of Vivekananad Ayurvedic Research Centre & Hospital; Sakala Sanghapati (President) of Jai Sachchidanand Sangha.

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Tremendous progress in external or relative science has gifted us with luxuries and material pleasures. But do we really have “happy harmonious human living”? Almost all of us have clashes, conflicts, disputes, tensions, stresses, resulting in inner unrest and unhappiness. Anger, ego, greed, attachment or aversions are the inner enemies or weakness which deprive us of real happiness.

What is the aim of our life? What is the science of human life and living in context to surrounding circumstances? How is it being governed? How favorable or unfavorable circumstances grip us? How to face them? Only the “Vitrag Vignan” (“Holistic Inner Science”) can throw light on all such aspects of life and can lay open doors to happy harmonious human living for one and all across the world. Let us see how.

According to it, human life is a unique experiment of the universe wherein ‘I’ or ‘Self’ is the one engaged in it. ‘Ignorance’, ‘Incorrect visions’ or wrong beliefs’ lead to all conflicts, sufferings and bondages; whereas ‘knowledge’, ‘correct visions’ or ‘right beliefs’ lead to resolutions, happiness and inner freedom and peace.

The science helps us to form correct vision or approach which avoids disputes and clashes. By deciding to avoid clashes, inner light would show the way out and help us to ‘Adjust Everywhere’. One who knows the master art of ‘adjust everywhere’ would not only be happy in daily living but would also move towards liberation.

The world is our own projection, our own echo. ‘You are whole and sole responsible for yourself’. Nobody has any independent power to hitch or harass you. It is only ‘Your own account’.. There is no boss above, your blunders and your mistakes are your boss. Whatever happened is just and correct as per natural law (of cause and effects).
Everyone seeks ‘happiness’.. Whatever actions of our mind, body, speech make others happy would make us happy first and whatever is going to hurt others would hurt us first. Everyone is really living for one’s own self and gets affected first by one’s own actions or projections. Only if one is aware about scientific inner effects of each act then only one can perceive/realize “self-interest”.

It is not situation/circumstances, but our vision or approach to look at them which causes happiness or unhappiness. Positive approach would make us all happy, negative visions the, other way!!

After all what is mind? All are confused in trying to control the mind. But mind is just physical, made up of knots or complexes. It is a stage between atoms and molecules. Opinion is the father of the mind and language, the mother. It is like an on – going movie on a screen and one is the viewer.

What is in our realm and what is not? What is fate and free will? Are we independent doer? If not, what are we supposed to do?
‘Who am I?’ ‘Who is the doer?’ I am (Dr.) Shailesh is correct only by relative view point; not by real. One knows only the relative point of view and identifies oneself with all relative or temporary circumstances as of mine. ‘I’ with ‘My’ is Jivatma ‘I’ without ‘My’ is the beginning of ‘Paramatma’.

While traversing through different phases of life there are spontaneous, ongoing, new decisions or ‘bhavs’ inside and living as ‘I am’ with these new projections or decisions, would lead to new causes or new seeds. One can alter it if one is aware of it. Inner ‘decisions’ or ‘Bhavsatta’ is the only (limited) relative ‘freewill’ one may have (Real freewill starts only after realizing ‘Who am I?’). It is the fundamental science of human life experiment, of charge and discharge, cause and effect based on which ‘Dada Bhagwan’ has given a new, simple, scientific, straight forward path or approach including nine priceless diamonds as ‘daily prayers’ or ‘Bhavnas’.

Infact, the scientists have known only some part of the science of matter. But science of ‘Pure Soul’ or ‘Chaitanya’ or ‘I’ as perpetual and that of matter in close vicinity as everchanging entity is the most relevant, subtle and secret of the universe. As per ‘self enlightened’ souls, there are six eternal elements interplay, of which is all about universe. They are ‘Soul’ (Chaitanya); matter (Pudgal); time; space; element of motion and element of inertia.

This is just an introductory brief layout of the wonderful “Vitrag Vignan”– the ultimate science of the ‘self’ and ‘nonself’, ‘relative and real’. There are answers and solutions to all the problems and puzzles pertaining to human life and inner happiness in particular for all those who are open-minded and have scientific quests. Moreover, one can seek the guidance and blessings of the “self realized”, enlightened and experienced Gnani Purush Shri Kanudadaji.

Dr. Shaileshanandji (M.D)-Aptaputra
Dr. Shailesh Mehta, an eminent Ophthalmologist and a devoted Aptaputra of Dada Bhagwan.

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