Frequenty Asked Questions

1.  What is Holistic Science ?

2.  How human life and human form have been regarded as very precious ?

3.  What is regarded as the correct manner of living?

4.  What is ‘nature’?

5.  Who governs the Universe?

6.  What about universal belief that ‘God’ is the Creator or regulator of the World?

7.  How are we interconnected with Nature?

8.  How should humans lead their lives?

9.  What is meaningful living?

10. What is positive living?

11. How should one pray for attaining positive living in one’s life?

12. What is natural living?

13. Why are there obstacles in life?

14. How one should deal within one’s family?

15. How should be an Ideal Couple?

16. Could you please enlighten us about the term an Enlightened Person (‘Gyani-Purush’)?

17. What is Holistic Science Research Centre?


Answer 1: The real science is meant for making every one normally happy and comfortable from within too. The Holistic Science or ‘Vitarag Vigyan’ is exactly one such science. It is an all-inclusive, all comprehensive, all resolving complete science. It is indeed a unique science of happy human living. It is a science in which humans and nature are closely interrelated. Ignorance of this inter–relationship may result in tension, stress, worries, disputes, clashes or conflicts. The wisdom acquired through the holistic science or ‘Vitarag Vigyan’ would resolve all such puzzles of life resulting in a stress-free and clash-less happy, harmonious human living, full of positivity. One who has acquired such wisdom is known as a Holistic scientist or Gyani Purush. He is one to whom the entire science of human life–experiment is completely known. His divine knowledge illuminates the path which leads to freedom from all worldly woes and worries. The whole of mankind may get the right vision and guidance for happy harmonious inner living through the experience of the divine living of ‘Gyani Purush’. Our present life is to be effectively utilized to know how to get rid of all sorts of sorrows or miseries. ‘Human religion’ or ‘humanity’ begins from that very moment when every human being starts obliging others and making others happy. To care for others, is to be humane. In fact, human life and living is an achievement in itself. All the basic amenities of life are available in nature. But our excessive greed troubles us. One wrongfully tends to sell out one’s own precious human asset by such excessive greed.

Physical Science is a relative science, whereas Holistic Science (‘Vitarag Vigyan’) is a real science. It is not only a Real Science, but a Relative Science with the centre of the ‘Real’. It is simultaneously a wonderful science of the relative that gives us a unique understanding about all natural laws. Thus it is a Science providing complete understanding about ‘Relative’ and ‘Relative mode of living’ with ‘Real’ as a centre. It is also a science of demarcating both ‘Relative’ and ‘Real’, ‘Non-self’ and ‘Self’. This Holistic Science (‘Vitarag Vigyan’) being a science oriented to the ‘Real’ as a centre, can impart beautiful and in–depth wisdom so that one understands profound nuances or differences pertaining to the gross and subtle aspects of natural laws.

Today’s physical science appears to be antagonistic to nature and natural laws pertaining to human life. Additionally, being above normal, transgressing natural laws and limits, it would be a cause for fear, destruction and unrest in the World. As a result, people are eager to understand ‘Holistic Science’ which is a science of happy inner–living as related to nature and natural laws. In this context, the Holistic Science reflecting facts about Soul and other basic elements is worth understanding.

Today, science has been considered as a main tool to understand secrets of human life or human existence. In fact, there are two types of science (prevailing) in the World.

(i) Physical Science, which is the outer science.
(ii) Inner science, which is the science of ‘Soul’ and inner self.

Thus for the inner happiness of mankind in today’s confusing World, it is very pertinent to have scientific understanding about human–life along with presence of ‘Soul’ and ‘Soul-Science’. Only then one can have proper understanding of both i.e. (i) the Physical or Outer Science and (ii) Inner Science or the Holistic Science. The physical science is changing fast according to time, is temporary and on its own can never assure permanent inner–happiness.


Answer 2:  Human form can be regarded as a wish-fulfilling gem (or a philosopher’s stone). What is a wish-fulfilling gem? It would fulfil all our wishes if we have it. Such human form is the best of all live-forms . How can we afford to ignore its importance and allow our life to fizzle out in a meaning-less way? To have this human form once is the highest achievement in the course of evolution. Thus, human form may be called a ‘boomeranging station’ to go to various life forms of existence and return to the same station after wandering in various life forms.

Human form or human life is the unique live experiment of the universe. It is a wonderful science. The human body has unlimited power of mind, intellect and speech. It has decision power and ability to learn from experience. All these are natural characteristics of the human form. Proper knowledge and understanding of the science about life -nature interrelations would result in making the ‘life operating software’ positive and harmonious from within, in such a manner that this precious human asset is best utilized.

Human life is a precious asset and it can be truly regarded so only if this asset is used properly, appropriately and conscientiously, otherwise it is not worth even two pennies !


Answer 3: True life is the inner life or living from ‘within’. Only the inner living is a real living. But it is possible only when one becomes aware of what lies ‘within’. After being equipped with such awareness, the significance of life and living would be realized and there would be real progress and inner happiness for oneself. There should be a proper balance between external or material happiness and inner happiness. If material happiness is in excess, our life would go astray and there would be unrest within. You may have to resort to sleeping pills everyday as even normal and natural sleep would elude you. Today the craze for physical comforts and material happiness is much above normal. Anything above normal is ‘fever’; below normal is also ‘fever’. Being normal is the essence of life.


Answer 4: Nature is not an object. ‘Nature’ is an accumulation of circumstances. How does this accumulation occur? It happens scientifically. It means all the related scientific circumstantial evidences accumulate in sequential completeness, by which the entire living Universe including human world gets regulated. Nature is not individualistic but is common to all. Every living being has its (existential) state of being in nature as per its own karmic account till the ultimate liberation. Depending on type and extent of one’s karmic account, one would be as a part of nature, as a natural formation. And to that extent one would be naturally active by mind, body and speech during one’s life span. So depending on type and extent of account, one would naturally be a part of nature. This sequential cycle Let us take an example. In day-to-day affairs, one may feel, “why did it occur to me alone? Why such sufferings happen to me only?” Now, the World is very vast. It cannot be according to one’s own belief limited to oneself. Even though it may be understood, it is too difficult to accept it.

Thus out of ignorance about the World, one is not able to observe and perceive it in the portion of world outside one’s own self. All these happen in a home– in family life and one may exclaim, “You would come to know of the effects only when it occurs to yourself.” Such things happen in day-to-day affairs on account of ignorance of natural laws and especially due to tendency of competition. On looking within our own- selves, we may realize that instincts of competition play a great role in it and natural laws are being violated in this part. Violations of Natural Laws may be in various ways, different from person to person and accordingly there would be natural sufferings too. In this context, ‘Dada Bhagwan’ revealed that ‘one who suffers, is at fault’. This is the universal, unflinching, natural law.


Answer 5: It is a governing regulatory power as a whole; it is a ‘natural power.’ With that ‘natural power’ everything in the entire universe is being regulated. All the four formats of living beings (humans, gods-goddesses or celestial beings,plants-animals and creatures of darkness or hell) are being governed or regulated, subject to this ‘natural power’. Like someone playing puppets, all these go on naturally. It is due to ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’ (Vyavasthit Shakti).This ‘natural power’ governs everything. The Sun,the Moon, the stars, day and night, ebb and flow of tides,everything is regulated by it. Similarly, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ thoughts come and go of their own whether we like it or not. All these are changing phases that are due to that power. Our ‘karmafal’ inspires us from within. God does not inspire anyone. If God is one to do it, then ‘God’ would become partial so a thief is not being inspired by God. But his all such inspirations are due to each individual personality works with that inspiration. Driven by it, all individual, social or other interactive dealings are thus carried out by mind, speech, body assembly. Everyone’s life is being lived individually and separately but in general, we live with ownership belief of all these nature driven actions. If you do not violate natural law, nature will favour you.

One cannot force others to respect natural law. Each one should surrender to it willingly and voluntarily.

This ‘natural power’ is ‘relative’ and also ‘mechanical’. But, it is scientifically mechanical. Our mind, speech, body are ‘natural formation’ and in accordance with scientific circumstantial evidences. Our projections which had occurred in previous birth out of ignorance and doer–ship belief were fed into a vast cosmic computer - like system. Based on this, today this ‘natural power’ becomes operational to drive our mind, speech, body. So events occurring as per ‘natural regulating system’ thus result out of interconnectivity of nature’s cosmic computer and our individual computer. This power cannot regulate anything by itself. It is strictly based on causes (or karma) fed by us. It is the ‘relative’part (portion) due to which everything is naturally and automatically regulated. Thus, only the relative part is regulated and not the ‘real’ or ‘pure soul self’. Depending on the fed stock, it inspires and drives the personality (Prakruti) to act.

Thus, ‘Nature’ is governing everything, but how? This is based on our own ‘karmic’ accounts. No one has any power to intervene or alter, anything that is according to ‘karmic’ accounts.


Answer 6: The whole World reckons this regulatory power itself to be ‘God’. But as a matter of fact, ‘God’ is not governing the World at all. Universal governance or regulation is only a ‘mechanical adjustment’ like a computer. Would not such machinery be free from attachments and aversions? So this World regulatory power which people believe as a ‘God’ is free from attachments or aversions. This power (energy) does have the quality of impartiality but it is not ‘God’ at all. It is only ‘scientific circumstantial evidence’. People are not aware of it. Everything goes on, out of false belief and ignorance. ‘Natural regulatory power’- is neither an individual nor a God. How do so many activities go on without any doer? The whole world is puzzled here. Ignorant of the fact, people tend to believe this Natural regulatory power as ‘God’ or ‘Supreme God power’ or Nature.


Answer 7: ‘Nature’ and ‘human’ are closely interconnected. ‘Nature’ and ‘We’ are not different. By ‘natural’ living or ‘normal’ living, we are one with nature.To understand Nature, one has to understand one’s own self. If one has thoroughly understood one’s own self, nature would be understood on its own. This live, pulsating body itself is nature. Our eyes can see only if the process of respiration goes on through nose. Naturally, respiration and expiration occur through nostrils, but can it occur through ears? It is worthwhile understanding ‘nature’ because we ourselves are nature. Mind-speech-body is a wonderful natural formation. Each human being is an indivisible part of nature. Naturally, all of us be it male, female, householder or renounced ones are closely interrelated with nature. Nature is nothing else but our own echo. Nature is very much our own self. Entire nature is nothing but reflection of human ego in various forms. It is nothing but a display of what is projected by human beings in human forms and stored there in a supreme computer–like data - that is ‘fed–data’. In tune with the vibrations or ripples of our thoughts, nature would react accordingly. If there are negative vibrations, farms would remain dry and if there are positive vibrations there would be rain all over the areas. This is the law. Nature has no preference. People are generally unaware of this hidden interconnection between man and Nature.

Answer 8: Our mind–speech–body should be used to oblige others. It should be one’s latent aim,- inherent desire to live to help others. What can be the best method of such living? It can be only to live for others, to live for obliging and helping others in trying to make them happy and it is very much in one’s self–interest. It is regarded as natural living. Thus, human life as a basic asset is very precious and valuable. If its value is properly realized, life would not be lost in vain. Whatever power one has, is the power to live as ‘‘I am’’ and if that is meant to oblige others, it is the best use.While living for others, one’s overall self-interest is automatically taken care of.

Answer 9
We can see many obliging personalities around us. People with obliging nature would rise high or evolve as per natural rule. So our attitude from within should be for obliging others. If so, it would be a meaningful living. Living like this would naturally take one to progressively higher states of being. Our hearty inclination, – as to “how can I be helpful to others, how can I do something good for others” - is all that would make the best humane living. In the present age, this is the most simple straight forward path or approach. Even though outer circumstances may not change, from within our inclination and willingness ought to be to live for the good for others, to live in such a way that nobody is hurt. Such a living, rich from within, would be an ideal one.

Answer 10: There are only two aspects of everything: ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’. If we keep negative attitudes, how would nature be helpful to us? Our live dictionary should not have anything negative even in words. Positive living denotes not to negate any living aspect of nature as far as possible. Only then can one get synchronized with nature, as one is part and parcel of nature. Our Body is a natural formation and if it remains natural and subject to nature it would work wonderfully. Natural role is one wherein nobody is hurt.

Answer 11: Inner living should be in accordance with the following principal prayers: 
“Let my mind-speech-body not hurt any living being in the world, even to the slightest extent. 
 Let my mind- speech-body make one and all happy. 
 Let everyone in the world attain peace and happiness.”

Answer 12: An apt example is that of a tiger: A tiger in a cage is very hungry and yet for its food it remains dependent on nature. Searching for food in the cage, it sees some tweeds at the roof and stands up on its feet to grab them. But as it is not natural for a tiger to have vegetarian food, it does not accept it. So it is natural for even an animal like a tiger to accept food, only which is as per its nature and not otherwise, even though it is hungry. When an animal like a tiger lives naturally, why can’t we humans do the same ? So it is the divine message of Dada Bhagwan which says, “In this Unique Life Science one can live as a guest of nature, in accordance with natural systems and natural laws.”

Only those who are sincere to one’s own self can be sincere to nature. None else can be like that. If human nature (‘Prakruti’) becomes natural and normal then nature would also blossom. Nature would also feel that the load on it is reduced to that extent! So wonderful is this ‘Science’.

Answer 13: They are due to unnatural living. One needlessly interferes in natural happenings. What are obstacles or hindrances due to? They are due to crookedness or lack of straight-forwardness. If we interfere in natural happenings, it would certainly lead to obstacles. Causal interferences have now resulted into effects. Somebody donated generously and after a while a friend remarked, “Oh, it was not worth donating here. How did you commit this mistake?” When the donation is already made what is the purpose of such remarks? Such a negative remark creates needless confusion for others. We many times create obstacles for ourselves too!

Answer 14: 
Plants in a garden blossom but only when all conditions like soil, weather, nourishment, etc. are properly combined at the correct time. For a flower to blossom, it needs all natural evidences properly. Likewise humans are also special natural flowers. Will it be a pleasure if these flowers wither or fade? How would life be if one keeps on having clashes and fights at home?

Dada Bhagwan imparted vision and explained that our own home itself is a nice garden, having different varieties of flowers in the form of different personalities. So it should be enjoyed with proper interaction amongst all at home. One can enjoy life to its brim.

Answer 15: 
- Who is an ideal husband?
   One who maintains happy harmonious family life.

 - Who is an ideal wife?
   One who cares for happy harmonious family life.

Husband and wife should get on with life amicably and agreeably. How can the one be called a husband or a wife who disrupts family life? Instead of dominance, there should be pure love–there should be such a lustre of real love on your face that she would not like to move away from you even for a moment. Adjustment is the only rudder for the smooth sailing of the boat of worldly life.

Answer 16: 
An Enlightened Person is the ‘Holistic Spiritual Scientist’ of today’s relative world. The complete science of humans, human life, nature and natural laws has been unveiled to Him in the light of His divine knowledge. An enlightened Person is self–realized, enlightened, divine living person (soul),with completely stabilized experience of “Pure Soul Self”. An Enlightened Person, as a ‘causal omniscient being’, is one in whom infinite knowing–power, infinite seeing- power and bliss are completely opened out through his state of experience within and without. He is considered as embodied liberated Soul. He is the ‘World’s – Observatory’. He does not require to read books or scriptures. Everyone in the world having any belief or faith will get appropriate solutions and guidance from Him. An Enlightened Person is one in whom ownership belief (of mind, speech, body) and doer ship-ego have completely vanished. He can guide or enlighten all different religious view points or faiths all over the World.

In the year 1958, Shree A.M. Patel was enlightened naturally. In his body-temple, infinite knowing power, infinite seeing-power and bliss had completely emerged. This perpetual light of divine knowledge came to be regarded as ‘Dada Bhagwan’, and Shree Ambalal Muljibhai Patel (A.M.Patel) was thereafter known as the Enlightened Person.Dada Bhagwan was nature in its pristine form itself, and His divine self flowed with nature. Today, Self-realized, Enlightened Shree Kanudadaji is present as a live link of ‘Dada Bhagwan’. He has complete stabilized state of experience of ‘Self’ and ‘Non-self’. He travels all over the world as a torch–bearer of this Holistic Science for the benefit of human welfare.

Answer 17: 
Dada Bhagwan has proclaimed: “ We propose to invite and gather all the scientists of the whole world. At that time, we would openly reveal all the facts like ‘what the body is made up of’? ‘What is mind’? ‘How mind is born’? ‘How mind gets exhausted or dissolved’? ‘What is intellect’? ‘What is Soul’? ‘How the world is governed’? So this is a complete science and if it can reach the people at large they would be benefited. We can guide the ‘scientists’ and they in turn, may explain to their people in their language. Only then can it reach every nook and corner of the world. Peace should prevail everywhere.”

To have full knowledge and awareness about Holistic Science and to attain inner peace and happiness of national-universal human beings, the Holistic Science Research Centre is functional at Mahavideh Teerthdham, Kamrej, Surat, (Gujarat) India. National-International thinkers, Philosophers, Scientists, Scholars, Professors, Religious leaders and all open–minded people in quest of truth, can avail the facilities available here for human welfare and for universal peace and harmony.

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