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Mr. K.K.Patel, devotionally known as Kanudadaji, is a direct link of the science of Holisticism and Absolutism known as ‘AKRAM VIGNAN’. He is the torch bearer of this instantly rewarding science. He is a living lyric of pure love. In his benign presence one feels free, with joy surging within and oblivious of one’s worldly problems. He is the living song of spiritualism giving solutions to all the questions. In him, is perceived and experienced the everlasting love and light of “Dada Bhagwan”. Today he elevates many aspiring souls to the status of Shuddhatma [“Pure self”]. His presence illumines the path of blissful living. His humility and non-attachments are singularly striking. Dada Bhagwan has bestowed on him his infinite grace and blessings to carry on the beacon light of spiritual renaissance. Grown up in the loving lap of Dada Bhagwan and closely associated with Dada Bhagwan, he has turned himself into a beatific, divine and discerning mobile temple of Holistic Science.

The cherished desire of Kanudadaji, Aptaputras (Spiritual Teachers), Seniors and all followers is to present Dada Bhagwan with the global application of Five Precepts and necklace of Nine Diamonds- ideal mode of living that would subtly result in the cause for normal and natural life. Today he travels all over the world, transforming the aspiring souls into the harmonious blissful living in the light of enlightened intellect. His experience of spiritual living in more than 27 Booklets and seven Books speaks volumes about his supreme state of being. Today, the materialistic craze for external science and facilities have drawn the world away from natural life and normal living. Shree Kanudadaji directs us to the inner source of happiness and harmony, reducing and removing our struggle for seeking happiness from the external sources. His experience and transparent purity touch the heart of His aspirants.

His attitude and approach to life is always positive, nullifying all the negatives. He is a living heritage of glories and victories of Vitrag Vignan. He is the Master in the philosophy of Relative Pluralism in his speech, conduct and thinking. His universal vision encompasses all the angles and view-points and concludes the principles of Holistic Science for ideal living.

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Behind every noble accomplishment there is always a noble personality who gets the work done through his vision, inspiration, divine powers (Aishwarya) and Grace (Kripa). So is the case with Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation. Our humble obeisance to that noble person, DADA Bhagwan, the fountainhead of wisdom and the torchbearer of Vitrag Vignan, the holistic science of Absolute Truth. This Research Foundation has been established with the aim of realizing the only mission of His life, namely, to bring this science to the people at large. Dada Bhagwan's (Dadaji as everyone affectionately addressed Him) sole mission after attaining self-realization was to bring this science to the common man, regardless of caste, creed, religion or education. According to him, self-realization which ultimately leads to liberation is the birth right of every human and each human Soul must realize the importance and the purpose of human birth. It is only in human birth one can aspire for liberation and yearn to come in contact with a self-realized soul—the Gnani Purush– under whose guidance he or she can progress towards the ultimate goal. DADA has claimed that the only thing worth knowing in this entire universe is the Pure SOUL.

All scriptures proclaim “Know Thy Self and Be Free”. Vitrag Vignan is no exception. The difference is in the APPROACH. Vitrag Vignan is both holistic and scientific. The knowledge aspect of the SOUL or SELF is holistic and the relationship of the SOUL with the external is explained on scientific basis except that this science is Inner Science and deals with human life from the gross to the subtlest levels. The knowledge of one's Real identity as the Pure Soul and its role in the relative happenings within the physical body which includes mind, body and speech itself dispels the numerous wrong beliefs, doubts and ignorance that are the cause of human suffering and stress. Dada defined true happiness as that which is not accompanied with misery at any time. He went on to add that this can only be found when you know your true identity within you and live out your life according to what has been allotted to you by your previous actions in past births. It is holistic because it starts with the fundamental question of “Who am I”?? If you believe that you are something other than your SELF, then the problem is one of Belief. If you accept prima-facie that you are the Self or Pure Soul but unable to recognize it then the problem is perception or correct understanding. In both cases, it is only a self-realized Gnani who has direct experience of the SELF that can dispel the wrong belief and show you the technique to have the experience in day to day living. In short, if you are REAL it has to be REVEALED to you. It is important to point out, that the Gnani's approach is unique since he only points out the mistake, i.e. removes the ignorance and implants the right knowledge. He remains a NON–DOER all the time. Dadaji declared openly that he had no use for the intellect and only relied on common sense. He advocated common sense over intellect and one can easily justify this also from a holistic viewpoint. Common sense is knowledge that is applicable to all persons at all times and all places whereas intellectual knowledge depends on predispositions of the mind and the cognitive capacity of the individual.

Dada Bhagwan drew a clear line of demarcation between the Real and the Relative. According to his admission “I have not severed from this line of demarcation for even a second after self-realization”. He remained totally separate from his body till his last day. He accepted all viewpoints, be it religious, social, metaphysical or any other subject. He maintained that all religions and social order are correct from their OWN viewpoint but may not be so by FACT. He was only interested in FACTS or ABSOLUTE and his duty as a self-realized person was only to point out the mistake. To quote him “I have entered into every atom in this universe and I speak from direct experience. If your soul within accepts it, then take it, otherwise we have no quarrel with you. Unless you know your REAL identity, you can never understand the relative happenings around you”. Dada also never held opinions on anything and he was quick to point out that opinions are the seed for the mind and one should guard
against giving opinions on anything if one is determined to attain liberation. The world in his view was correct and is self correcting all the time .To say, according to him, “I did”, is evidential and egoistic. In reality, one is only an instrument in the scientific functioning of the universe. This truth has been said in the scriptures but until one meets and gets initiated in the technique from a person who has already conquered doer-ship and ego, one cannot practice it in day to day life. This is the path that DADA had perfected and imparted to aspiring souls during the Gnan initiation. According to him even a slight movement away from the center, will distort the FACT and cloud the REAL vision. The physical body is, as Dadaji put it is the universal laboratory where the already programmed experiments are constantly going on through mind, speech and body. Our role is to stay in the center as the Knower-Perceiver and live out the results that are flashing out every second. So is it with all the events that are going on in nature. WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL NOR MEANT TO BE AS PER DADA'S DICTATES.

Scientific research, according to DADA, should be done with due respect and regard for “LIFE” with the utmost responsibility not to destroy “life” or upset the natural order. One is free to think and act responsibly but true answers to complex problems can only come when the pursuit is undertaken with good intention (universal well being), surrender and humility and performing as an instrument with no trace of doer-ship. Dadaji's answer to questions during the SATSANG was a testimony to the above statement. The answers he gave to the seemingly most difficult and complex problems in diverse subjects were spontaneous, precise and convincing to the core. Despite the authority with which he delivered his responses he was humble and at no time did he put down the ego of the questioner. He merely “settled” with him. This was his impeccable state and from it one could see that the answers were not coming from the intellect but directly from vision. He even admitted to this when asked how he was able to so. His simple response, “I see it directly before me, I don't have to find it.”

His one and only goal was to ROOT out the IGNORANCE and WRONG BELIEF about one's true identity which is the root cause of suffering. He wanted to share with everyone the joy of knowing one's true self and start experiencing the REAL freedom in this very life. Dadaji spoke very little in English and the only words he spoke in English were “GOD did not create this world; The World is a Puzzle itself”. There are two ways to solve the puzzle—THE REAL and THE RELATIVE. GOD is not the CREATOR from the REAL viewpoint. He is in EVERYONE.

Dr. Radha P. Krishnan
Senior Technical Advisor U.S Agency for International Development and U.S.Department of Energy Projects;
He is the President of Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation (HSCRF),Oak Ridge,TN,USA.




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